Saturday, January 21, 2012

digital options in the classroom

Today while studying for coursework I came upon an article in an online version of a Harrisburg PA newspaper.  The story was about local schools exploring digital options for the education of their students.
In use within some of the classrooms where digital flexbooks, and online homework services, with a discussion in the school systems of, all-digital textbook programs, incorporation of social network systems, use of fiber optic networks over servers, feasibility of one to one technology. The article is just one of an increasing number of recent articles that show the growing move toward instruction that is digital based. Though the focus for most is on the excitement that new technology generates this article also presented the financial and technical conflicts that exist in the current economic and political climate.  This presents the dichotomy  that prevails within most school systems. The article does not present a clear answer but does raise the opportunity for what is possible and the direction that education is moving in.
The article is - "Harrisburg-area schools explore digital options for use in classroom" written by,

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