Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Developing Your personal GAME Plan

Developing Your Personal GAME Plan
I have spent the better parts of this week in deliberate review of the NETS-T, or, International Society for Technology in Education Standards.  Two areas of the standards that I have been reflecting upon and incorporating into the coursework that I teach are NETS-T 1.d., 2.c, and d. ( One area (NETS-T 1.d.) is with the facilitation and inspiration of student learning and creativity.  A second area (NETS-T 2c and d.) deals with   designing and developing digital learning experiences and assessments.
Within the context of these standards, I have begun to establish the Goals, and develop the Actions, that will provide an engaging learning experience that will advance the learning experience of the Advanced Placement Art Studio students that I teach.  

Three areas where I would like to improve student learning is, first with student ability to be creative developers of  original art work at the high level expected for Advanced Placement students (NETS-T1b.).  Second would be to raise their ability to provide critical reflection of their work and their peers using a variety of, face-to-face, written, and digital means of communication (NETS-T2b.).   Following this the goal is for students to be better able to analyze and synthesize questions concerning the quality and breadth of their expression and develop solutions that will advance their work on as broad a scale as can be achieved (NETS-T4c.). (

Actions that I plan to implement are in two parts. One part includes the development of verbal and written skills that advance the student’s ability to communicate to others about their visual expression. These include written reflection, one-on-one and group, peer and instructor lead critical analysis. The second involves the use of a student blog site in which students will present and receive critical review of their visual expression at a peer level from beyond the classroom setting. The instructor(s) will monitor student involvement for, content, and the quality of the literacy and critical reflection of the discourse. Assessment on a broader scale will be comprised of, pre, formative, and summative means that will include evaluative criteria across the student’s reflective practices, initial image development, critical review across digital and analogue means, balanced against the students visual results. Assessment from a professional standpoint as an instructor will include Self-Assessment, Peer content review, and Peer review from platforms such as this blog space.  What do you think of these initial steps in my GAME plan? Where in the structure that I have presented do you think I need to strengthen, or not…? I appreciate your comments.